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Tandem Sky Dive
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A truly unbelievable experience, our adrenaline packed Tandem Sky Dive Packages will be relentlessly exhilarating from the moment you board the plane until you land on terra firma! You will be strapped to our expert instructor who will take you on an unforgettable adventure which will see you jumping from 10,000 feet and reaching speeds in excess of 120 MPH! An absolutely brilliant skydive awaits....don't miss out! Skydiving is done on Friday, Saturday, Sunday 08:00 until sunset. Important information:

All participants must have a Declaration of Fitness in order to skydive. You can declare yourself fit on Form 115a then if you have suffered from any medical conditions listed on there you must have Form 115b completed and stamped by your GP.

All customers under the age of 18 will need parental consent form and a declaration of fitness witnessed by a parent. Max weight is 18 stone, but weight and height needs to be in relation. Please advise of weight and height on booking.

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As you make the descent up to the 10,000ft jump - you heart will thump and your mind will race as you begin to doubt yourself. But, when you fight through it and take the jump, you'll never ever feel the pride and joy you'll feel after overcoming your fears - you feel empowered and will beam cheek-to-cheek, it truly is one of the most magical experiences in the world. For the most memorable experience imaginable there's no better location than our venue at Wiltshire. Being suitable for both experienced jumpers and those who are jumping for the first time, there's no wonder why skydiving remains one of the most popular bucket-list activities for a majority of people around the world. When you arrive at our site you'll be greeted by our friendly team who will give you an introduction into your Tandem Skydive, a tailor-made jump to allow beginners to have the most memorable experience possible. Then you'll be moved to a training simulated environment to learn the freefall and landing positions - with our site being the only skydiving centre in the world to offer this level of training. Our British Parachuting Association (BPA) approved instructors will then fit you out with all the necessary equipment as you make your way to the aircraft waiting outside to take you to your jumping location. When you're in the plane, you'll be attached to your instructor by a secure harness. They'll answer any questions you may have to ease any doubts that may be creeping into your mind. Once the light turns green, it's time to jump! As you pluck up the courage and launch yourself out you'll experience breath-taking speeds of up to 125mph, falling approximately 5,000ft in just 30 seconds! The best thing about a tandem jump is that you don't have to worry about anything - your instructor will pull the parachute and you'll safely float back to earth in tranquillity as you take in the stunning landscape and our surrounding views.

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The most exciting and unforgettable experience of your life, Skydiving will provide you with a full range of emotions as you reach breath-taking speeds as you freefall through the air and a complete contrast moments later as you peacefully float towards the ground below in complete tranquillity, soaking in all the amazing views our Jump This venue has to offer - including views of the historic Stonehedge. Our Tandem skydive will have you jumping from the staggering heights of 10,000ft - with the plane journey to that height being the fastest in the UK, taking on average just 8 minutes. You'll then jump out of the plane reaching speeds of up to 120mph - providing you with an adrenaline rush of a lifetime. Once your instructor has opened your parachute you'll experience the sensation of flying as you gracefully descend back to terra firma. Upon arrival you'll be provided with a British Parachute Association approved training session - being given all the necessary training and information required to jump.

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  • Full Training
  • Spectators welcome
  • Refreshments Available
  • All Equipment
  • Disabled access
  • Cafeteria
  • Picnic Area
  • Licenced bar

Location Details

Easily accessible by both car and train, our Salisbury venue is perfectly located close to the pre-historic monument, Stonehenge - giving you plenty of amazing of things to do after you've done skydiving in Wiltshire. There's a railway station with direct transport links to London, Bristol and Oxford approximately just 10 minutes away. There will be full travel information printed on your booking confirmation receipt.


  • Very very good!!!!!

    Edgaras Razanas

  • Overall the logistics was superb. I could not fault any aspect. A well worked team provided the experience we wanted and will be back soon.

    Thank you all very much

    Vince McKeown

  • Amazing service the day was amazing thank you

    Sean wain

  • We are all here only for a short time so might as well have a great time!

    Adrianne banham

  • "Ej" was my instructor and "Henk" was my partners and they made it absolutely brilliant for us!! They were on the same level of craziness as us and once I met "Ej" I was completely buzzing to go!! These 2 instructors are a credit to the Salisbury site!

    Adrianne banham


    Callum Tredwell