Provide an adrenaline-seeker with a dare-devil experience to remember as you provide them with our Bungee Jumping and Skydiving gift vouchers! With over 25 venues situated across the UK and Ireland, this is the ultimate gift voucher to complete a bucket-list activity.

Vouchers are monetary value gift cards. Pay for or pay towards any experiences. Valid for all our locations.

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Here are our most popular activities and recommended voucher values:

  • GBP70

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    Bungee Jump

    Typically covers 1 person for their bungee jump.*

  • GBP70

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    Indoor Skydiving

    Includes equipment and training. Typically covers an indoor skydiving session*

  • GBP260

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    Tandem Skydive

    Includes equipment and training. Typically covers 1 person for their Tandem Skydive.*

  • GBP60

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    Skydiving Gift

    Help that special someone tick off their bucket list activity. Ideal amount to help pay towards 1 person to do a skydive.*

*Above values are valid for these specific activities plus over 75 other activities that we offer. Activity Prices vary depending on location. Recommended values are indicative only.

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    Valid For 12 Months

    Our vouchers are valid for 12 months.

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If, within 7 days of purchasing your gift voucher, you change your mind for any reason. We will offer you a full refund, no questions asked!

Subject to the voucher being unused and any postal vouchers being returned in good condition.

Provide an adrenaline-seeker with a dare-devil experience to remember as you provide them with our Bungee Jumping and Skydiving gift vouchers! With over 25 venues situated across the UK and Ireland, this is the ultimate gift voucher to complete a bucket-list activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the Bungee Jumping and Skydiving gift vouchers valid for?

Our gift vouchers are valid to use for a period of 12 months. Any Skydiving or Bungee Jumping gift voucher that is purchased in the lead up to Christmas will have an extended validity so that they are valid for 12 months from Christmas Day.

I don’t want my partner to see the surprise, help!

Don’t worry, we love the idea of surprising a loved one with a Skydiving or Bungee Jumping gift voucher so we jump in on the fun too! The gift vouchers will be in blank envelope or packaging as to not give away the surprise.

How do I redeem my gift vouchers?

To redeem your gift voucher simply go through the booking process and enter your redemption code when prompted. Alternatively, you can contact one of our sales consultants who will be more than happy to help you book in your Skydiving or Bungee jumping experience.

Does the Skydiving or Bungee Jumping experience that I book in have to be for a specified date?

No, they don’t. Our Jump This gift vouchers are open-ended for a 12-month period, so the lucky recipient will be able to book in their bucket-list activity at a time and date that is beneficial to them.

Can you send the gift voucher to the recipient?

If that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do! Just let us know of this request upon booking and we’ll sort out the rest.

Is there any restrictions I need to consider when purchasing a Skydiving or Bungee Jumping voucher?

Yes. Skydiving and Bungee Jumping experiences come with a range of restrictions that need to be adhered to. We recommend that you carefully read the descriptions before booking.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Additionally, if you wish to pay by cheque, make cheques payable to 'Jump This' and send to 'Go Ballistic, Hammerain House, Hookstone Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 8ER, North Yorks., UK'. Please ensure you mention if its Bungee Jumping or Skydiving that you are booking in and include your name address, telephone number and email address.


At Jump This, we pride ourselves on taking adventure to new heights. With one of our gift vouchers, you can treat someone to one of our high octane adventures in no time! One of our satisfied customers is Charlotte Bothamley, 23, who treated her boyfriend to one of our vouchers as a birthday present.

“My boyfriend is an adrenaline junkie. He loves taking part in all kinds of extreme sports and never says no to any new adventures. Buying gifts for him is incredibly easy- if it gets your heart racing in any way, he’s going to love it. Despite this, he has never taken part in skydiving before. I knew long before his birthday that treating him to a diving experience was going to be one of his birthday presents.

“I knew about Jump This as a friend of mine went on a charity skydive recently. When I saw her afterwards, she wouldn’t stop talking about how exhilarating the experience was. She assumed my boyfriend had already been up in the air- when she found out he hadn’t, she insisted that I make him go immediately, as he of all people would love it. I looked on Jump This soon after.

“However, high octane thrills of this calibre are in incredibly high demand. Securing a place is easier said than done when everybody wants to take part- booking a place for his birthday seemed impossible. I spoke to my skydiving friend afterwards and she told me that she had treated somebody in her family to a Jump This gift voucher for their birthday and suggested I do the same. With one of these vouchers, he could choose his own time and he had a giant year-long period to secure the place. It was perfect.

“So, without a moment to spare and only a couple of weeks before his birthday, I logged straight back on to the Jump This website to check out their gift voucher options. From there, it couldn’t have been simpler- I just needed to enter my details and within minutes my gift voucher was on its way. With plenty of time to spare before his birthday, I had secured a present he would love and Jump This made it as easy as possible.

“When his birthday arrived and he opened the gift voucher, he was ecstatic. He had always wanted to skydive, but never knew where you could take part. He wouldn’t stop thanking me! The only people he needs to thank are Jump This, who managed to make the experience possible.


Jump This have treated thousands of people to the adrenaline pumping experience of a lifetime with our awesome gift vouchers. We spoke to Ben Walker, 23, who is one of our delighted customers.

“I love taking part in all kinds of heart racing action- there are very few extreme sports I haven’t tried or at the least, thought about trying. I have always wanted to take part in skydiving, but for some reason, I’ve never got round to it. I always knew I would love it. I just could never make the time to go.

“This year for my birthday, my amazing girlfriend treated me to a Jump This gift voucher, meaning that an awesome skydiving experience was within my reach. All I needed to do was secure a spot at a site near me and I could finally tick another adventure sport off my list. She told me that it was incredibly easy to do, but with gift vouchers that never seems to be the case. There have been plenty of times I’ve been into shops to redeem vouchers and the person behind the counter struggles to actually redeem the points.

“But with Jump This, that was far from the case. I didn’t even have to call them up- I simply chose a location, date and time, then entered the code on my voucher. It took a few clicks and I was all ready to go. I didn’t even need to bring my voucher with me to the venue. Lots of people say that online shopping is unnecessarily difficult, but there were absolutely no problems with Jump This and it took no time at all.

“In fact, rather than me asking for help, they gave it without me saying anything. I was emailed maps and directions shortly after booking; I was about to look for directions online before they sent me the message. They seemed to love giving the best experience possible. It was like they were worrying about the little things so I could focus on the main jumping event.

“The helpfulness didn’t stop there. When I got to the site, the staff were really friendly and eager to make sure they gave me the best experience possible. Even though I was a beginner, they were incredibly patient with me as I learnt all the ropes. When I finally got to the jump, it was one of the most exhilarating events in my entire life. I can’t wait to go back and do it again, as I’ve never felt a thrill ride quite like it!

“To all the team at Jump This, thanks for making my first time skydiving unforgettable- and an even bigger thank you to my girlfriend for treating me to this one of a kind experience”.

Earlier in the year I booked myself a skydiving experience to celebrate a big birthday. However I wasn't quite brave enough to go through with it on my own, so I thought I'd rope my brother in by buying him a sky diving experience too.

When I told him I'd booked a skydiving experience he thought I was absolutely crazy, so you can imagine how shocked he was when I gave him his voucher! After a little bit of gentle persuasion I convinced him to redeem the voucher for the same day I'd booked my skydive.

Before we knew it it was time to head for the clouds, but our skydiving experience started on solid ground where we learnt the jump technique and got all kitted up ready for take off. We were both a bit nervous but once the plane starts to climb into the air the excitement really kicks in.

Once you've leapt out of the plane the feeling is unimaginable, and the view is incredible! Instead of feeling like you're falling it's more like you're floating on a cushion of air, it's bizarre. When we both touched down on the ground we were a bit wobbly legged, and even though I'd roped my brother into it he loved our skydiving experience.


Ever since I can remember I've wanted to try skydiving, so when my wife bought me a skydiving experience for Christmas I couldn't wait to head for the clouds! The voucher came boxed with loads of information about skydiving, which made me even more excited about giving it a go, so I didn't hang about and redeemed my voucher straight away.

Because of the winter weather I had to wait a couple of months until my experience, but that was fine and it gave me something to look forward to. Before I knew it though I was at the runway ready to get my skydiving experience under way.

Before the plane took off I had to complete a couple hours of training, which gave me a better idea of what to expect once we got into the air. The instructor takes charge of all the important stuff, so all you need to worry about when you're up there is making the most of every second.

After I'd completed my training it was time to leave the runway and that's when the excitement really kicked in. Once we'd reached about 15,000ft it was time for my jump, and what a rush! My skydiving experience was incredible, free falling through the air is incomparable. Hands down the best Christmas present I've ever received!


Earlier in the year I turned 21 and my family got me a birthday present I'll never forget! They'd all chipped in for a bungee jumping experience, which was a total bolt out of the blue. I know your 21st is meant to be memorable but I didn't expect to be marking it with a bungee jump!

Thankfully I had some time to psyche myself up for it though, and the voucher I'd received came with loads of information about bungee jumping experiences. After putting it off for a few more weeks I eventually redeemed my voucher and got my bungee booked, but I wasn't exactly looking forward to it.

When I arrived at the site on the day of my bungee the staff were really reassuring, I even got to see a couple of people jump and that made me feel a lot better too. By the time it came to my turn I was more excited than I'd been all day and I couldn't wait to take the plunge.

After making my way up in the crane on the count of three it was time to jump, and what a feeling! The adrenalin rush of leaping from a platform that high up is impossible to beat and any nerves you have just disappear instantly. I couldn't have been more wrong about bungee jumping what a way to remember my 21st!


When my girlfriend turned 30 earlier this year I got her something completely out of the ordinary, a bungee jumping experience! She'd always wanted to try a bungee jump so I thought her 30th was the perfect opportunity to find out how brave she really was.

The voucher came all boxed up with some information about bungee jumping and other activities inside too, so all I had to do was wrap it up. When she opened it on her birthday I could see she was shocked, but she was really excited too. We managed to get the voucher redeemed straight away and she didn't have to wait long until her experience either.

On the day of her bungee I went down to the site too, but there was no way I was leaping off a crane! Even though she was probably a little bit nervous she didn't let on, and the adrenalin and excitement took over anyway.

From the safety of solid ground the crane looked seriously high, but she didn't hesitate in throwing herself off the platform! After she'd hurtled to the ground and bounced back into the air a couple of times the instructors got her down, and she was absolutely beaming. She genuinely loved her bungee jumping experience and it scored me some serious brownie points too.