If you want a Hen party that is truly unique then why not give Sky Diving a go? Whether you're looking for a bit of fun or want the chance to claim bragging rights over your mates, Sky Diving is the perfect choice for an adrenaline filled and fun Hen party.

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Bungee Jumping And Skydiving Hen Parties in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

When my best friend asked me to organise her hen party I got the traditional girls night out sorted straight away, but I wanted to arrange something really memorable for her too. After looking into a couple of different options I decided to treat her to a tandem bungee jumping experience, which of course meant I'd be taking the plunge too! She'd always wanted to do a bungee jump and even though I was a bit nervous I knew she'd love it.

When I broke the news to her she was over the moon, which made it all worth while and thankfully we didn't have to wait long until our jump. On the day of our bungee jumping experience we were both really excited, but looking up at the crane definitely gives you jitters. The instructors are really good though and they'll talked us through the whole thing, which was really reassuring.

Once we'd been harnessed up we climbed into the crane and started to head for the clouds. As you slowly work your way into the air the nerves definitely kick in, but thankfully so does the adrenalin and excitement. To say this was our first bungee jumping experience the bride-to-be wasn't phased at all, which I think rubbed off on me a bit – I dread to think what I'd have been like on my own!

When we eventually reached the top it was time for the moment of truth, and on the count of three we leapt off the platform. The feeling of hurtling towards the ground is impossible to describe, and even though it absolutely scared the life out of me I can see why people get addicted to bungee jumping experiences. It all goes so quickly and before you know it you're back on the ground wanting to give it another go!

When we did touch back down on the ground we were in absolute hysterics, and we'd both enjoyed it even more than we'd expect. I'm pretty sure the bride-to-be is now fully fledged bungee addict, and as long as I've got her by my side I'd definitely brave another bungee jumping experience too. What a day!