Every year at our office, we have a Christmas fundraiser so we can raise money for charity, whilst having a more exciting Christmas party than any other office in our building. Every year we try to go bigger and better in terms of the extreme activities we take part in and this year we took on our biggest challenge yet- bungee jumping. Nobody on the team has ever pushed themselves this far beyond their limits before, but it was definitely worth it. After all, it was all for a great cause.

The idea came about when we were looking online for a more intense challenge than last year to take part in. Somebody suggested taking part in skydiving, but as more than one member of staff has a fear of heights, we had to cross that idea off the list. When we were browsing the Jump This website, we found there were plenty of bungee jumping locations. This would cause everybody to conquer their fear, without having to go thousands of feet high in the air. We’re always looking for charitable donations when sponsoring us- and if we’re doing something that scares us, the donations are likely to be higher.

We always take the last working day of the year off in order to take part in the fund raising festivities, so we were pleased to see there were plenty of spaces available for us to take part on the bungee that day. We were also really happy to see that the weather forecast didn’t look miserable either; if we were going to take part in a bungee jump, we definitely didn’t want to do it in the pouring rain. With the place at the site secured and all our charity sponsors in place, we were ready to take it on. Christmas parties don’t get more exhilarating than this!

We were all really nervous as we made our way to the bungee site on the day. But as this was all for a great cause, we wouldn’t let any old nerves stop us making the leap, or even get in the way of us having any fun. We were dressed as Santa Claus and his little helpers to add a bit of a festive spirit to the event- although the Santa hats had to be taken off before the leap, it made for a great photo opportunity before we got up the jump zone.

The staff at the site were all amazing. They helped us really get us pumped and ready for the jump- only a few seconds in their company and all our nerves were gone. We just couldn’t wait to bungee from that moment. One by one, we all made the leap and we had the time of our lives. We left feeling exhilarated and ready to take on a bigger thrill again. Maybe next year we could take on skydiving…