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When my best mate asked me to be his best man my first thought was how much I could stitch him up. He'd organised my stag party and didn't hold back, so I wasn't going to either! I looked into a couple of different ideas but eventually I decided a a bungee jumping experience was the perfect way to get my revenge. I'd done a bungee before and absolutely loved it, but I knew it would scare him to death!

I didn't break the news until the day of his stag, and even though he was far from happy the rest of the lads were well up for trying a bungee. I didn't think it was fair that the groom had all the fun so the rest of us were doing a tandem bungee jump as well. There

were only five of us all together so that left the groom to brave a bungee all on his own.

When we arrived at the site you could see how nervous he was, and to make it worse we made him wait right until the very end. Me and one of the other lads went first and once we'd been harnessed up we climbed into the crane and started our ascent.

Even though I'd done a bungee jumping experience before the nerves definitely start to kick in as you get higher and higher. Thankfully the adrenalin kicks in too though, and by the time we got to the top I couldn't wait to jump. On the count of three we jumped, and we made sure we screamed as much as possible just to spook the groom even more.

After we'd touched back down on solid ground we really bigged up how scary it was, and after the other lads had jumped it was time for the groom to give it a go. He took some persuading but with the help of the instructors we eventually got him up in the crane. As we watched on from the ground we were convinced he wouldn't go through with it but then all of a sudden we saw him hurtling towards the ground.

Even though I don't think he'll be braving a bungee jumping experience again any time soon, he was made up that he did it, and he definitely won't forget his stag do in a hurry!