Celebrate your birthday in style by letting Jump This give you an adrenaline packed birthday party to remember. With venues across The UK and Ireland and a range of packages to suit all budgets there's no better place to book the ultimate party.

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Skydiving, Bungee jumping, Parachute Jumping, Indoor Skydiving Birthday Parties in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

They say life begins at 40 and after the birthday treat I’ve just had, I can safely say I’ve never felt more alive! My wife said she had planned something completely big for my birthday celebrations this year, but wanted to keep it a surprise until the big day. At my birthday party, I was completely over the moon when she gave me the present itself- a trip to a skydiving centre, just a short drive away from the city. I’m not as big an adrenaline junkie as I used to be, but my wife didn’t want me to settle down now that I’ve reached this age- and with this gift, there was definitely no risk of that happening any time soon!

When I was younger, I always wanted to go sky diving, but as I grew older, I just assumed it would never happen. I’ve spent the last ten years settling down and starting a family. I’m still having plenty of fun, but I’m not having any of the high octane adventures I used to. When I received this present, I couldn’t wait to get back on the saddle and go for the biggest and most intense adventure of my life so far. After spending so long not taking part in any extreme sports, taking part in the most extreme challenge of all was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I’m not going to lie, after spending so long away from any activities like this, I was a bit nervous when I made my way to the venue. I didn’t need to worry, because as soon as I got to the site, the staff all made me feel right at home. They were friendly and up for a laugh, which always helps- they know that even the biggest thrill seeker can feel nervous before this challenge and they were there to remind me exactly why I wanted to jump in the first place. There was no thrill like it.

They explained the diving procedures, how to use the parachute and everything else that I needed to know before the dive in a simple and fun way. This wasn’t a boring safety lesson. Instead, it built up anticipation for the dive itself and by the time they had finished instructing the group on all the important technical stuff, I was desperate to get up in the air. Soon, it was time to climb on board the air shuttle up to the sky and I was more eager than I’ve ever been.

Soon, the time for my jump came around and as I made the leap from the plane, I felt the biggest adrenaline rush of my entire life. As I started free falling back down to earth, I was screaming in joy- and it was so incredible, I’m not even embarrassed to admit that fact! When the parachute opened up and I started sinking back down to earth at a slower speed, I was able to spend time marvelling at the beautiful views around the countryside below us. From 5,000 feet high, it looks stunning.

I can’t thank my wife enough for treating me to this Jump This experience. I am eager to share the skydiving thrills with others, so I’ll definitely be making a return visit.