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Tandem Sky Dive
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There's only one way to experience the rush of free fall and that's by leaping from from a plane, so if you're feeling brave this 10,000ft tandem skydive is guaranteed to take your adrenalin levels to new heights! Your experience starts with a full briefing followed by a quick change into your jumpsuit and tandem harness, but once you're fully kitted up it's time to head for the clouds. After a short flight all that's left to do is jump, and as you free fall through the air you'll reach speeds in excess of 120mph! At around 5,000ft your instructor will open the main parachute to slow down your descent, and if the conditions are right you may even get the chance to steer the parachute. Your experience comes to an end when you touch down on the safety of solid ground, and to make sure you never forget your experience you'll be presented with a certificate. Important information:

Under 18's require parent/guardian permission in the form of signing the British Parachute Association membership agreement and medical declaration.

All participants must have a Declaration of Fitness in order to skydive. You can declare yourself fit on Form 115a then if you have suffered from any medical conditions listed on there you must have Form 115b completed and stamped by your GP.

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Not only is Skydiving immensely popular due to its glorious breath-taking views that it offers as you're high in the sky, or it's adrenaline-fuelled heart-racing experience as you free-fall at ridiculous speeds, but it's a bucket-list activity for many due to it's simplicity! Our Tandem Jump is available for everyone, to those who are regular skydivers and to those who are skydiving for the first time! Our Tandem Jump is the best way to experience all the glories that Skydiving has to offer. Upon arrival, you'll be given a short training session and provided with a full safety briefing and necessary equipment from our BPA approved experienced instructors, who have undergone rigorous training courses and assessments provided by the BPA. Once you've gone through all the safety procedures you'll get into the plane, climb 10,000ft, wait for the green light, and jump - with the instructor tied to you! You'll freefall for 30 seconds, covering about 5,000ft and reaching heart-racing speeds up to 120mph - satisfying the most extreme adrenaline-junkie! Our instructor will then pull the parachute and you're able to relax and take in the glorious views as your instructor does all the work - easy!

Venue Details

One of the top-bucket list choices for many, enjoy Skydiving at our Bridlington venue on the Yorkshire Coast. Skydiving is a huge bucket-list activity due to it's ability to provide you with the adrenaline rush of a lifetime, incomparable to other extreme activities, as you jump out of an aircraft which is 10,000ft in the air! Once in freefall you'll plummet at speeds of up to 120mph, covering 5,000ft in about 30 seconds until your instructor opens the parachute - in comparison, a bungee jump sees you only free-fall about 50ft! When the instructor opens the parachute, your heart-race lowers and your able to float through the air. It's peaceful, it's relaxing, it allows you to feel as if you're flying. You're provided with truly breath-taking views, with the picturesque landscape of God's county, Yorkshire, situated all around you. It truly is a beautiful moment. So for the thrill seekers and bucket-list tickers, our Bridlington location is the best around! Upon arrival you'll be provided with all safety equipment and an in-depth safety briefing. Our tandem jump sees you experience the skydive with a experienced qualified Skydiving instructor. All of our instructors are BPA approved and have passed the rigorous instructor training courses and assessments provided by the Association.

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Location Details

Our Skydiving location is based in the beautiful scenery of East Yorkshire, in the north of the coastal resort of Bridlington. With unrivalled views as you do your experience and plenty of activities to do after you do Skydiving in Bridlington, this really is the perfect location to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. There will be full travel information printed on your booking confirmation receipt.


  • Best thing I've ever done

    Ashley Wilkinson

  • The most surreal yet amazing experience when free falling through the clouds. Loved every minute of it.

    Helen Lucas Smith

  • it was a well organised amazing day.

    Annie Garmston

  • Great day pleasant personnel easy to find I would 'recommend to anyone

    Gill Griffiths

  • THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Would recommend this to anyone!

    Marcus Hodgson